Dramalj – The Must-See Beaches

Dramalj – The Must-See Beaches

Dramalj has several beaches with various amenities, some of which have been awarded for the best beaches. Near Dramalj, you can find sandy, rocky, and pebble beaches, a nudist beach and a beach for dogs.

Although small, the town has been intensively developed in recent years and has become an increasing tourist attraction. Apart from beautiful beaches and a mild climate, Dramalj is also known for its top restaurants with an excellent gastronomic offer, and its numerous events during the summer.

Dramalj is unique for its numerous sports grounds and a beautiful promenade along the beach with parks with beautiful views from the benches located in each park.

We have compiled a list of 10 beaches in Dramalj and the surrounding area which we highly recommend you visit.

1. Omorika Beach – Dramalj

One of the pebble beaches in Dramalj that you will surely enjoy is Omorika Beach, the winner of the award for the best-maintained beach.

In addition to the naturally beautiful beach, the fine gravel and pine trees that provide deep shade, there is also a recreational center on one side of the beach where you can enjoy various recreational activities such as water skiing, parasailing, and riding a scooter. There is also a park for children with a trampoline and various arcade and automated games.

On the beach, there is a restaurant and a beach bar where you can have your favorite drink during the day, while in the evening you can enjoy various performances and music events and dance on the beach.

Ice-cream is available on the beach as well.

Beach Omorika - Dramalj

2. Lanterna Beach – Dramalj

Lanterna Beach is a pebble beach that offers all of the same facilities as Omorika Beach. It is located along the coast and ends at the famous small harbor of Pazdehova in Dramalj.

The harbor traditionally hosts “Dramalj Fishing Nights” during which you can enjoy fresh fish, seafood, and live music. The atmosphere is always great and you can dance the night away.

In addition to the pebble beach, a beach bar, Lanterna Restaurant, and sports facilities, the beach also has a special feature – a very long and large pier where you can jump into the sea, into the shallow or deeper waters, depending on where you are standing on the pier. It was precisely on this pier that many locals learned and practiced various jumps and dives into the sea. The pier has become a true tradition of locals in Dramalj.

Lanterna Beach - Dramalj

3. Riviera Beach – Dramalj

Riviera Beach is a paved beach with smaller pebble parts, located next to the Riviera Hotel. It features a terrace, a restaurant, and a bar where you can get refreshments and enjoy a great gastronomic offer. Certain evenings are reserved for live music and dancing.

From the terrace, there is a beautiful view where you can enjoy a meal or drinks. Along the beach itself, there is a small ice-cream parlour.

Beach Riviera

4. Vali Beach – Dramalj

Vali Beach is a paved rocky beach located below the Vali Hotel. On the beach, you can rent deckchairs and there are two piers where children can jump into the sea, which is great for families with children.

Beach Vali

5. Kačjak Beach – Dramalj

Kačjak is a tourist centre, a peninsula often visited due to its interesting amenities. It has numerous sports grounds and very interesting and diverse beaches.

Next to the little harbour at the entrance to Kačjak, there is a paved beach with a beach bar and a restaurant and pizzeria.

There is a path that leads towards the peninsula where you can walk all the way to the pebble beach below the hill.

The promenade continues along the peninsula. Along the way, there are rocky beaches, which are very pleasant because each one also has a paved as well as a rocky part.

There is also a cliff at the highest point from which you can jump into the sea.

Swimming and sunbathing on the rocks is very pleasant because you are right next to the sea. It is great for those seeking adventure, but also for those who want peace and solitude.

The famous Kačjak Nudist Beach is within walking distance from the diving cliff. A little further along below the hill, there is a beautiful pebble beach providing a beautiful view, far away from the road and the hustle and bustle.

Kačjak Beach

Kačjak Beach

6. Crni Molo Beach – Crikvenica

Crni Molo Beach is the winner of the Blue Flag Award. It is one of the most beautiful and most visited beaches in Kvarner.
This is a long sandy beach, which resembles many world-famous beaches due to its image and amenities.

This is one of the favorite spots to go swimming during the day and to party at night, since there are several beach bars, of which Sabbia is one of the most attractive spots, both during the day and at night.

Crni Molo Beach offers many recreational activities, such as water skiing, parasailing, a seawater pool with several waterslides, swings, jungle gyms, various parks, as well as numerous arcade games for children and adults.

You can also get food and refreshments at the beach at the restaurant, tavern or ice-cream parlour.

Beach Crni Molo - Crikvenica

7. Balustrada Beach – Crikvenica

Balustrada Beach, the winner of the Blue Flag Award, is a beach in the center of Crikvenica. This is a long pebble beach with many pine trees that provide shade during the summer heat.

This beautiful beach stretches from the swimming center in the Centre of Crikvenica to Crni Molo Beach. The promenade along the beach is beautiful both during the day as well as at night, due to the lovely palm trees and unique stonewall fencing.

On the beach, there is a children’s park, a bistro, and a beach bar that turns into a club at night, where you can enjoy live music and an excellent atmosphere.

Beach Balastruda

8. International Beach – Crikvenica

International Beach is located next to the International Hotel in the very Centre of Crikvenica and stretches along the main pier to the lighthouse.

This is a very nice pebble beach with a beach bar and a park for children. Along the beach in the Center of town, there is a beautiful park where you can also lie down on your towel or rest on the benches in the shade of the pine trees.

Beach International

9. Podvorska Beach – Crikvenica

Podvorska Beach is located near the Kaštel Hotel Beach in Crikvenica. This is a beautiful pebble beach with many amenities for children, such as a park, a trampoline, and swings.

On the beach, there is a beach bar and an ice-cream parlour.

Monty’s Dog Beach for dogs is located next to Podvorska Beach.

Beach Podvorska

10. Monty’s Dog Beach for Dogs

Since more and more tourists travel with their pets nowadays, Crikvenica has made sure that there is a dog-friendly beach nearby.

Monty’s Dog Beach and Bar is a true paradise for your pet.

Aside from a designated area where your dog can go swimming, there are also special armchairs for lying around, as well as Monty’s Beach Bar where everyone can get refreshments while at the beach. Part of the beach is also designated for running around, so you can play fetch with your dog.

An excellent beach, ideal for you and your pet!

Monty’s Dog beach for dogs

Monty’s Dog beach for dogs